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ZS Custom LuresZS Custom Lures was started in 2014 when two guys who love to fish wanted to customize the name-brand lures currently on the shelf. The idea was (and still is) to positively impact the number of fish ending up in the boat or on the ice by using something unique! ZS Custom Lures has evolved over time but that same idea is still the driving force of what we do. The company is owned and operated by one of those guys, Leo Zalaznik. Located near one of the best fisheries in the world – Green Bay, WI. Our location allows for great opportunities to research and develop right in our back yard although we take every chance we can to test our product in other waters when opportunity knocks. All the patterns we make are custom painted finished by hand and vary slightly from each other- just like mother nature does it. A strong passion for fishing and an endless dedication to quality drives everything we do at ZS Custom Lures. Join us and go custom!

“I have a passion for fishing of all kinds and believe in quality products. We will continue to drive innovation and provide quality products to fishing enthusiasts who want an edge by choosing to go custom! Detail is important to our customers and we take great care to exceed their expectations whenever possible. Over just the last year, we have evolved and developed patterns people haven’t seen before. You should expect to see more new innovations as our customer base grows and we listen to what they need to stay ahead of the crowd. I get the opportunity to meet great people that share my passion for fishing and learn a ton from those people every day.”

“Thanks for the support that makes it all possible!”

Leo M. Zalaznik III
Owner / Painter